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Thread: Porky-coconut milk awesomeness

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    Lightbulb Porky-coconut milk awesomeness

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    Last night I browned a local pasture-raised bone-in pork shoulder in coco oil then simmered it for hours in coconut milk with garlic, onion, cinnamon sticks, ginger, chili pepper thrown in. Delicious dinner. I strained the liquid, pulled the pork and now I'm eating a pulled pork-coconut milk-bone broth soup for lunch. Ohhhhhh how delicious!

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    oooh, thanks for this idea. I just pulled a pastured pork butt out of the crock pot to cool so I can pull it, and realized we are out of BBQ sauce. But I do have curry paste and coconut milk, which is much more primal any way. I never really thought of pork soup, but I bet it will be delish on a cold Michigan winter day.

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    thats what is going in my pot tonight for lunch tomorrow. Pork, onion, garlic, ehhhh maybe canned toms, coconut milk, cumin and curry, let it simmer till the pork is super tender..... maybe some cauliflower.....ehh we will see. Then we will serve it hot, over the top of spinach salad.
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