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Thread: What if breastfeeding don't work?

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    I think there are recipies.out there to make your own formula. I nursed my son exclusibely but insupplemented the twins a bit after 6 months or so. Thats too bad that there isnt a milk bank. Im going to be doing a surrogacy and if all goes well i will donate my milk afterwards too. Please excuse tupos and punctuation, its my phone I swear.

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    Oh my goodness. My sympathies to you and your family - I hope your wife recovers. I am sure you are an awesome dad for your little one and for goodness' sake don't stress the formula. It's things like this that formula is made for (unless you have a next-door neighbour with a bountiful milk supply and a willingness to share, in which case definitely take advantage).

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    Awesome that your baby was able to get the colostrum in those first few nursing sessions! My sympathies to you and your wife on the battle ahead. I hope that the treatment goes well and she goes into remission quickly.

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