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Thread: Food ideas for Church small group meeting at my house...

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    Food ideas for Church small group meeting at my house...

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    Hi all! I am new...been lurking for a bit. This is my first post. I'll introduce myself and fill out my profile when I have more time as the clock is ticking and I am not officially dipping in to my workout time!

    I am having a Church small group meeting at my house on Sunday and I want to have a primal dish that everyone will like. There will be children too. I was thinking of just doing a beef stew. I am going in with a friend on a side of local grass fed beef and she is going to give me a roast to try. I figured I'd use that and some great veggies. I will be making fresh homemade whole wheat bread for everyone else to have with it. Are there anyother I deas out there? I don't have to use that meat, but thought I would since I will have it by then (and it's free).

    Also, we'll be leaving for Church at about 11 and when we get home at 1...everyone will be there, so it has to be able to cook while we are gone....

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know how fatty your beef is, but when I make beef stew I have a problem that the cheap stewing cuts are too lean. So I add lard.

    I make my own bread too, but having learned about the dangers of modern wheat I rarely eat it, except leftovers. It's what people want though, and the kids positively demand it. When I have used up my stockpile of white flour (I had over a year's supply at one point) I will try with non-wheat flours, like buckwheat, spelt, riceflour etc. I have found I can really improve the crust and overall taste by adding lard to the dough and greasing the tins with lard too.

    Again, since learning about the dangers of modern wheat (see Wheat Belly, Fat Head Interview with ‘Wheat Belly’ Author Dr. William Davis) I only add a bit of wholemeal flour to the mix, no more than one part wholemeal to six parts white. This is for flavour. I strongly suspect the slightly bitter taste of wholemeal is because of toxins in the wheat husk made by grasses to discourage their seeds from being eaten.

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    We are having our first church potluck since going primal on Sunday! Here's what we decided to bring - kefta beans (basically ground beef seasoned with cumin, cinnamon, clove, onion, and garlic, browned, add in green beans and a can or two of diced tomatoes and simmer until done) and homemade larabars (protein bars, wellness bars, whatever you call them - ground nuts & dried fruit with spices).

    We refuse to accommodate any wheat here anymore because reading Wheat Belly really cemented our decision. We might include some potatoes (peeled) or white rice, but not always.

    The beef stew sounds really good. I'd do that for a crowd, too (but I got the potluck notice after I had already bought the groceries for our menu period & didn't want to spend any more on food).

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    This is what we do for small group OFTEN. And it was around even before Primal in our church, they call is Haystacks. Basically it is like layer your own taco salad, or Nachos with lots of veggies.

    Typically I bring shredded chicken (crock pot with salsa the day before, shred, keep sauce on it) Or seasoned ground beef.
    CHopped Romaine lettuce and Baby spinach

    Then toppings, and I usually assign them to people
    Chopped Toms, Onions, cucumbers, peppers, Japelenos
    Salsa, Sour Cream
    Chopped Avacado or Guac
    And then of course the non Primal Tortilla Chips
    Shredded cheese
    The non primal refried beans, or just crock pot cooked pintos
    And some people like rice

    You set up an assembly line with the chips and the lettuce first--they can pick and choose one or both, then the protiens, and then the veg, and then salsa etc...

    Fills everyone up, most items are make/prepare ahead and they can tote them in their car to church, and really not that expensive.

    When I say often, my church has had it monthly! I have been going there 6 years, and they have been in existance for 15..........yeah (most USED to be vegetarians, but now they see the light........ LOL)
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    add bacon to the stew! a winner

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