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Thread: Cholesterol - A Primer (Attempt 2)

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    Thanks Griff. i appreciate it

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    Hello primal cholesterol gurus. Adding my test results to this thread in the hopes of some feedback (read: words of encouragement).

    I've been primal for nearly 4 months now and feel great. I've lost a bunch of weight, my energy is more consistent, and I've also been CrossFit-ting with great results.

    So I figured it was time to do some validation. I just got back my first set of test results and they were very much not what I was expecting. My Trigs are way up from where they were two years ago (when I was on SAD) and my ratios don't look nearly as good as I thought they'd be.

    Also, I'm not really sure what this is saying about my LDL type. Does this mean I have 1/2 type A and 1/2 type B?

    From what I've read the high trigs means I've got a lot of carbs in my system. In the the first few months of being primal I was pretty near 90-95% primal ... very low carb, only one or two cases of falling off the wagon. However, over the past few weeks leading up to the VAP test I've had quite a few more "transgressions" (usually in the form of pizza and ice cream).

    So I figure either one of the following is true:

    1. Primal really doesn't work (frankly don't believe this at all).
    2. I'm not really doing this right
    3. I've been doing it right but the past 2 weeks have really mucked things up for me.

    Can anyone offer any advice here? Can trig measurements be spiked by a couple of ice cream sundaes? If so I'll knock it off and go get tested again in two months.

    Or is this pointing to a larger problem in my implementation of primal living? I feel too good for this not to be "right", but now I'm feeling a bit dejected and on top of that I've got a dr. that's suggesting "medication". Can't say I didn't expect this last part. (To be honest the doc wasn't that bad. She seemed interested in what I was saying, but she agreed to a VAP test because I practically promised that I'd have low trigs and nearly all Type A LDL ... egg on my face, huh).

    ************************************************** *****
    ************************************************** *****

    Recent VAP (14 hours fasting)

    Component | Your Value | Standard Range
    LDL-Cholesterol,Dir | 185 | Reference range: <130 Unit: mg/dL
    HDL-Cholesterol,Dir | 48 | Reference range: >=40 Unit: mg/dL
    VLDL-Cholesterol,Dir | 37 | Reference range: <30 Unit: mg/dL
    Cholesterol,Sum Total | 270 | Reference range: <200 Unit: mg/dL
    Triglyceride,Direct | 131 | Reference range: <150 Unit: mg/dL
    total non-hdl chol | 222 | Reference range: <160 Unit: mg/dL
    Lp (a) Cholesterol | 4.0 | Reference range: <10 Unit: mg/dL
    IDL Cholesterol | 28 | Reference range: <20 Unit: mg/dL
    LDL-R (real) -C | 153 | Reference range: <100 Unit: mg/dL
    Sum Total LDL-C | 185 | Reference range: <130 Unit: mg/dL

    Real LDL Size Pattern A/B Reference range: A

    Unit: not reported


    Pattern B Pattern Pattern A
    Small, Dense LDL A/B Large Buoyant LDL

    Remnant Lipo | 51 | Reference range: <30 Unit: mg/dL
    Risk | No | Unit: not reported
    HDL-2 | 11 | Reference range: >10 Unit: mg/dL
    HDL-3 | 36 | Reference range: >30 Unit: mg/dL
    VLDL-3 | 23 | Reference range: <10 Unit: mg/dL
    Total apoB100-Calc | 140 | Reference range: <109 Unit: mg/dL

    Ratios (My Calcs)
    Total/HDL: 270/48 or 5.625 (ideal = 5 or below)
    Trig/HDL: 131/48 or 2.72 (ideal = 2 or below)
    LDL/HDL: 185/48 or 3.85 (ideal = 4.3 or below)

    Other (Basic Metobolic Panel + VitD)

    VitD,25-Hydroxy Tot | 35
    Sodium | 140
    Potassium | 4.7
    Chloride | 105
    CO2 | 31
    Glucose | 102
    BUN | 19
    CREATININE | 1.1
    GFR - Other | >60
    GFR-African American | >60
    Calcium | 9.3

    2008 Lipid Panel

    Total cholesterol: 202
    Triglyceride: 90
    HDL cholesterol: 45
    LDL Calculated: 139
    Cholesterol to HDL Ratio: 4.5

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    Yes, a couple of ice cream sundaes can elevate your trigs especially if you are insulin insensitive. Many underestimate fruits also. They can do a number on the trigs as well. And then there is alcohol. It all adds up at the end of the VAP test.

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    So I have read through this a few times, but I think I am still a little lost!!!
    I have been primal since Jan and lost 45 lbs to date, went and got my cholesterol tested since I wanted to see just how the bacon and eggs and coconut oil were treating my body

    Last test I had was about 3 years ago... Just a standard test. Here are the results:
    HDL=43 or 45 or 48..cant read it ...
    Total Cholesterol=204
    Ratio = 4. 3 or 4.5 or 4.8
    At that time she told me to cut saturated fat and transfats out of the diet and to stick with nuts and avocados and olive oil for my fat sources.

    The following is what I got in the mail today...can someone decode please!!! I would appreciate it very much
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    sorry to bump, was just hoping someone could possibly walk me through my results...

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    So it pans out like this.

    Your numbers before:

    Trigs: 79
    HDL: 43 (let's assume low-end)
    LDL: 143
    Total: 204

    Total/HDL: 204/43 or 4.7 where 4.4 or below is ideal for women and 5.0 or below is ideal for men
    Trig/HDL: 79/43 or 1.8 where 2 or below is ideal
    LDL/HDL: 143/43 or 3.2 where 4.3 or below is ideal

    Your numbers now:

    Trigs: 74
    HDL: 47
    LDL: 125
    Total: 190

    Total/HDL: 190/47 or 4.0 where 4.4 or below is ideal for women and 5.0 or below is ideal for men
    Trig/HDL: 74/47 or 1.6 where 2 or below is ideal
    LDL/HDL: 125/47 or 2.5 where 4.3 or below is ideal

    So in all cases, you've improved scores that were already pretty good, and your LDL pattern is predominantly A (protective) which is great. Doesn't look like you have anything to worry about, to me.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    Thanks for the help Griff!!! I have printed out the first few pages of this thread so that I can figure it out next year when I get the test ran...

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    Hi all,

    I have been Primal for about 4 months now after eating like an idiot for the last dozen or so years. Got my first ever cholesterol test back today after going to a doctor for the first time in about 15 years. Results are in New Zealand figures so I would really appreciate some feedback to make sure I am not misinterpreting the results.

    Don't know if it matters or not but I'm a 34 year old male.

    HDL - 1.73
    LDL - 4.40
    Triglycerides - 0.90
    Total Cholesterol - 6.50

    My doctor is already talking about potentially putting me on drugs as she said my LDL is far too high. From my own workings they seemed pretty good but some intelligent feedback on my numbers would make me feel a lot better about this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To get US numbers, multiply NZ numbers by 38.664. Here's your numbers, your ratios, and an analysis of them.

    Total: 251
    HDL: 67
    LDL: 170
    Trig: 35

    Total/HDL = 3.7 where 4.4 or below is optimal for a woman and 5 or below is optimal for a man
    Trig/HDL = 0.5 where 2 or below is optimal
    LDL/HDL = 1.9 where 4.3 or below is optimal

    It looks like you have nothing to worry about. That Trig/HDL ratio - all your ratios, actually - are spectacular. Have your doctor do a VAP or NMR test to get actual direct measurement of LDL particle size; I'd bet money it's Pattern A (neutral and possibly beneficial). Do NOT go on a statin.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    high cholesterole

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    Hey Griff,

    I follow a high fat/protein , low carb diet and aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week . I follow a nutrient dense food diet and drink raw milk and milk kefir. So, my readings are
    TOTAL CHOL 346
    LDL 211
    HDL 119

    ratios are great >>> BUT , why such a high cholesterol total. Is it a no brainer cause I eat high fat - butter, whole milk, coconut oil , meats ,eggs .....or what . I heard that if total # is as high as 350 then something is wrong.....but what could be cause I don't eat processed food , white sugar/flour etc....
    thanks Joan

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