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Thread: Cure for laziness and procrastination...

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    So has anyone out there figured out a cure for laziness and procrastination yet? I have the physical energy thing down, but the mental energy to actually get things done rather than lallygagging is sadly lagging.

    I've been on a whole minimalist thing lately, and set out to purge and clean... last Thursday. I've made a lot of progress, but it's not like I have that much stuff to begin with, so this long to get going is unacceptable. I still have a lot to do, and even now I am typing here and thinking of taking a nap instead of doing it. Should have worked out this morning, but will probably end up working out this evening.

    Can anyone out there recommend some ways to combat laziness? What tricks do you use to get yourself moving when you just don't want to? Anyone else struggle with occasional (or frequent as it may be) laziness?

    *sigh* Still need to repaint my room next weekend, hang up the new curtain rod and curtain, planning to remove the carpet and replace it with bamboo flooring, need to go find a place to donate my clothes (most of them new but will never wear), need to find a place donate the hundreds of books in my library (the ones I have digital copies of). Getting out of this bed would also be nice, and maybe writing my paper due Friday would be good too.

    Like I said, I need a cure for laziness pronto.

    Not done yet...

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    I need a cure for laziness pronto</blockquote>

    Me too!

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    I&#39;m not lazy - merely efficient, haha!

    Seriously though, I feel your pain.

    Things like housework - paperwork breeds unchecked until it REALLY annoys me, then I spend a few hours to blitz the entire flat. Only, if I get distracted, the blitz is interrupted.

    My sheepskin rug has been on the sofa since Friday, when I was *going* to hoover *blush*. Shocking, huh?

    For me, a lot of it is to do with general mood. I get grumpy and lazy when things are a mess...but when I&#39;m grumpy and lazy I&#39;m less inclined to fix it! Mind you, I enjoy decorating so how about I do your painting and you come hoover for me?

    Have you written a to-do list? The idea is you can then prioritise... I never get that far, but having the list as a reminder almost gives me permission to forget. And once I&#39;ve "forgotten" all the stuff swirling round my mind, I can then get on with one thing.

    Unfortunately my problem is with exercise - bearing in mind the PB says listen to your body, rest when you&#39;re tired etc... I&#39;ve been tired since Xmas! Or have I? Am I kidding myself??

    On the other hand, reading what I&#39;ve just written, I&#39;m clearly nutty as a fruitcake sooooo.......

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    I am constantly frustrated with the fact that I am...well, lazy. If anyone were to walk in my house today they would think I have some sort to hoarding problem...when really I just haven put anything where it belongs. I buy something new? oh the floor looks like a good place for it.

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    I discovered a long time ago (about myself) that procrastination is a sign of perfectionism. I find lots of excuses to put things off because I want to do it "right" which means I don&#39;t want to be interrupted, I need to finish it, and it has to be something that will show a difference when it is done. That last part is weird, but I love to do things like clean up a weedy garden or a messy room, but to dust and vacuum routinely when there is no real difference in looks is boring to me. Also, sounds like my relationship with diets going way back!

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    I finally got off my butt and did some work... not nearly enough, but I got moving. I was able to piggy-back off the energy of my workout. But still there is that sense of suffocating redundancy.

    I try checklists/to-do-lists, and end up ignoring them for the first distraction. The only thing that seems to hold my attention for an extended period is restoring books, or cataloging whatever new whatever I happen to be obsessed about learning today. I will get up and walk miles to a library happily, or take apart and put together computers endlessly no matter how redundant, but it takes an epic amount of will to go check the mail.

    I also work very slowly when cleaning. @Ibd I sympathize with the perfectionism thing. I noticed something very curious while making my new minimalist modifications. I had a pile of items on the table. I sorted things, getting rid of whatever as I moved the whole pile piece by piece to the bed. Then started the process again in the other direction. Each pass ending up with less and less things. I just seem to shift piles one by one taking dozens if not hundreds of assessments. Then I move on to the next thing. It&#39;s as if I have to read every sheet of paper and make an informed decision for each individual one.

    Maybe my brain knows I&#39;m going to do that and just gets tired thinking about it. I&#39;m not done yet, but I&#39;m afraid of taking a shower after my workout because I don&#39;t want to lose this steam. So I&#39;m off again.

    @Mr B: lol, I&#39;ve tried that... In all seriousness though, unless you are one of those people who have always had a lot of self-discipline, how do you overcome your resistance to a task you don&#39;t *feel* like doing?

    Not done yet...

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    @stop_hammertime: LOL. sounds like my laundry policy... well, now that I&#39;m embarking on a new minimalist life, it sounds like my old laundry policy. *fingers crossed*

    Not done yet...

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    I feel your pain. I&#39;ve found that when I sit and think of all the zillions of things I have to do, I don&#39;t do any of it.

    On the other hand, when I stop being overwhelmed and decide to focus on just getting one of those things started, I get really productive.

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    I discovered a long time ago (about myself) that procrastination is a sign of perfectionism

    I thought it was exactly the opposite.

    Procrastination can be self-sabotage, an unconscious defense mechanism against something we don&#39;t want to see happening. Procrastination can also be triggered by fear of failure. It&#39;s better to not try and never know than trying and risk failing.

    The cure: find out why you are procrastinating. If it&#39;s self-sabotage, interpret it and act accordingly. You might need a change of career/life.

    If it&#39;s fear of failure, picture yourself failing again and again until the grim scenario is becomes bearable. After that, the task becomes way less "threatening".

    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
    "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull

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