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Thread: Cure for laziness and procrastination...

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    @Mr B: lol, I've tried that... In all seriousness though, unless you are one of those people who have always had a lot of self-discipline, how do you overcome your resistance to a task you don't *feel* like doing?"


    make yourself do what you know you should do whether you want to or not....until it becomes habit.

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    The pain of "not doing" must become greater than the pain of "doing."

    As a strongly self-motivated person, I find that even when I don't feel like doing something I promised myself I would do, the mental anguish of breaking my word (yes, even to myself) is worse.

    I used to procrastinate, often out of a vague and unidentified fear of achieving a poor result. About six years ago, I made a conscious decision to knock it off and get things done. So I do.

    ETA: Mr. B has it right. Discipline yourself. Just get started. Don't permit yourself to get distracted; if you find that your attention has wandered, snap it back on task immediately. You can build willpower into your character through practice.

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    Thanks for all the input. It seems obvious now, I've slugged through many things before because I have to... Now I just need to do the same in a patterned manner till it becomes a habit. The same way I trained myself to wake up at 5am naturally years ago. Anyway, back to work.

    Also found this interesting article... should I be ashamed that it spoke to me? (This isn't just a discussion to me, I am actually taking active steps to change my behavior)

    Not done yet...

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    I try not to get overwhelmed and focus on one task at a time until everything is done. I find that once I've started, I get very into whatever I'm doing and have no trouble finding energy to continue, it's just that initial push. So, as others have said, it's all about initially pushing yourself to do what you "don't wanna"!

    (having kids helps, as so much of life's less pleasant tasks can no longer be put off or ignored, you live for someone else on a minute by minute basis.)

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