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    I'm new to the forum, but I've been researching paleo/primal for months. It started with the documentary Fat Head. Then I read everything I could find on the subject and spent hours searching the internet. I read PB and decided to start the year off going primal.

    I have to say, I love the way of eating. However, I have not seen the weight loss I had hoped to see. I am starting out quite overweight and have only lost a few pounds. However, I think that the difficulty of exercise in Indiana during the winter, lack of sleep, too much dairy, and a sinus infection all made things more difficult.

    Anyway, I'm 39 years old, and have been dealing with obesity since the birth of my second child in 2002. I followed the standard weight-loss diets, high in whole grains and low in saturated fats. I have put on a few more pounds each year doing that. I joined Weight Watchers in 2009 and lost about 25 pounds, and then put 35 back on.

    So that's me - looking for a way to eat more naturally, feel healthy, and be at an optimum weight.

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    Hi! Welcome!

    Get plenty of sleep, and don't forget to relaaaaaax more. Otherwise, your cortisol levels are through the roof. You'll be stressed out AND overweight.

    Meditation and yoga. Go for it!

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