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Thread: Miso

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    I know it's a soy product, which I like to steer clear of in general, but my understanding of soy is that it's better for you when it's fermented. I have been craving miso soup for a while now and just wanted to get other folks' thoughts on it. I know it's not primal, but do you all still eat it occasionally? I can only get it here in a kind of bigger tubs, so when I buy it, I'll be eating it for a while, although it does keep for a long time. Thoughts?

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    I love miso, and I have it every once in a while. I have a tub of non-GMO organic soy, so I think it's certainly better than regular soy anything else since it's organic, non-GMO, and fermented. Good thing about miso is that it lasts a long time in your fridge, so you can spread it out a lot, because I wouldn't be eating it everyday in order to limit phytoestrogenic activity.

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    I still use it, though not what I would call frequently, fairly regularly. I'm not concerned at all about it. I get the organic stuff, it's fermented very thoroughly... It is biologically active, similar to yogurt cultures so never get it too hot. Also, a tub will last basically forever in your fridge since it's salt fermented, the saly preserves it)... or up to about a year. If it looks fine, and smells fine, it's fine. I tend to use mine up before it's been around that long.
    There is nothing like the taste of miso soup.
    Miso soup with a cod loin that was cooked in coconut oil in it, and extra wakame = a FINE meal.
    I almost always use some sort of sea animal in place of tofu (cod fish, shrimps, scallops, baby squid).

    I see this as similar to the crowd here who still has a few beers on the weekend. It's no big deal. And since I don't drink beer I'll have my miso on occasion. And when I'm sick(not often), I simply HAVE to have it... it's like my body is begging.
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    +1 on miso
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    Shh, don't tell the purists but I love miso soup! It's a great conduit for seaweed. I like the tofu in it as well. A rare treat though, mostly because I don't like it enough to store a whole huge bag of paste in the fridge.
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    I always have a bowl when I go out for sushi (which is almost every Friday). I don't worry about it.
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    As long as you get the good stuff I'm sure it's fine. Plus the flavor is pretty concentrated so you're not getting that much in a bowl of soup.
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    I love miso! I generally consider fermented foods to be their own food group, so I don't limit them. One of my favorite workout recovery drinks is a tablespoon of miso paste stirred into a mug of warm, homemade chicken broth. I have a recipe for miso-marinated asparagus that I'm looking forward to using this spring, too.

    Aside from the fact that it's fermented, you're not going to be consuming as much soy in miso soup as you would if you used tofu as an entree.

    When I have miso soup at a restaurant, I don't bother with the tofu squares anymore, though.
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    I also love miso and feel that it's a beneficial food. The protein structure of soy (which is usually what causes intolerances) is very altered in fermented soy. There's also chickpea miso.

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    organic and gluten free? go for it. use lots of seaweed and put tempe in the soup instead of tofu.

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