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Thread: Where can I find the Android MDA App?

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    heck i didnt even know there was such a thing. what is it supposed to do?

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    there's one called "primal feed" that works like an rss feed for all the articles/recipes on the main sites.

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    Sorry, Never heard of an android app. I just hit my browser button.
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    Like you, I saw multiple people talking about the Android App, many searching for it and a site called MotherApp that apparently developed it. I've followed links and done searches for about an hour, but am unable to find it either. I know there's an iPhone app for MDA, and I know there is the Primal Feed blog reader for the 'droid, but there is no MDA for the Android that I can find.

    From what I read, it look like it's supposed to have been created at the beginning/ first-half of 2011.

    Has anyone ever had the app? Was the program scrapped?

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    The app is there.
    Go on android market and look for "primal feed". Free fantastic app.

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    I had the one by Motherapp, quite honestly it never worked well and is quite frankly crap.

    If you're on Android download Google Currents, it's their magazine layout app for tablets, but I use it on my phone as well. You can subscribe to various websites, magazines, and RSS feeds. It uses a pretty intuitive swipe to advance page turn mechanism.

    You won't get the forums and such on it but it displays the articles and photos very well.

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