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Thread: Kerrygold Butter Prices page

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    Question Kerrygold Butter Prices

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    Can you tell me where you buy your Kerrygold (or other grass fed) butter and how much you pay for it? What part of the country are you in?

    I am in an outer suburb Portland, OR and I have checked the two grocery stores closest to me and they want $5.50 for an 8oz block. This feels really expensive to me. Is that what you all pay for it?

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    I am in Germany, and a 250g-bar of Kerrygold costs me about 1,70 EUR in a regular supermarket. If it's a special offer, you can get it for about 1,20 EUR.

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    Trader Joe's in Charlotte NC $2.79. Supermarkets $5.00.

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    I agree it's pricey but damn is that stuff GOOD!

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    Also in NC, and both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods has Kerrygold for under $3.00.

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    Santa Rosa (N. California) Costco: $6.69 for the 17.6-oz container of whipped Kerrygold.

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    Google is your friend

    If you're going to pay that much for butter, instead of shipping from Ireland, why not go Portland local:

    Jacob's Creamery has grass-fed Jersey cow butter, which you can buy in Shemanski Park and other local markets:

    Product Search v1.0

    Jacobs Creamery-Handcrafted Artisan Cheeses

    Failing that, yes, Trader Joe's is probably the place to go.
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    I pay 2.69 for 8 oz.

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    $2.79/8 oz at Trader Joe's. That is unbelievably cheap, bordering on half the price anywhere else.
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    I'm in the UK and it sells in my local Asda (walmart?) for 1.30 ish, but its sometimes on offer for 1 every so often.
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