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Thread: food processor brand recomendations

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    food processor brand recomendations

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    no grain,paleo,whole 30 eating is going to require me to make some of my own stuff from scratch. my blender is just old and old fashoned. it makes everything about like puree. i am looking for a processor that will do it all well. ESPECIALLY culiflower rice. being yellow/fried rice free forever just isn't happening. and sweet potatoes yams aren't going to replace it totally. need to try other options and cauliflower rice looks like a viable option. going to also try making mayonaise and some other stuff too. will need a tool that gets this and some other stuff done. thanks.

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    Cuisinart. The largest capacity you can afford. As many of the slicing/shredding discs as you afford. The disc sets are generally a good buy.

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    I have this one and it works just as well as a Cuisinart without spending $100-200.

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