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Thread: The other 20%??!

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    The other 20%??!

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    So I've been pretty much 95% on, maybe slightly 5% "off" primal for the past month--by off I mean continuing a very small amt. sugar or Splenda in my coffee and that was about it. Other than that, blissfully Primal! This past weekend I had several opportunities to go a little more 80/20 and had bread for the first time in a month, wine and a few other odds and ends. Although I've enjoyed my 20%, I'm blissfully back to my 95/5 again today and am so grateful to be. After Sunday, I was ready to stop the junk again and just indulge in some great fresh veggies and a nice hunk of meat! LOL! I really feel like this can be a WOE for life--because damn! It just feels so good to eat this way! I don't feel overly full (unlike when I eat grains) and I feel lighter and cleaner--if that makes any sense at all?

    Is this what it is like to be Primal? I know, pretty crazy question but I really do feel great and I suppose that is really what it is supposed to be like! My hubby even offered me a nice rum and coke tonite and I said...oh no! I am not drinking the soda--YUCK! Not that I drink much soda but absolutely no desire. And no desire for any more grains, even though I did have some. Oddly, there was no great craving to indulge more. Just the opposite...I was totally ready to get back down to eating clean and feeling better. Woot!!


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    Isn't it ridiculous Sharon? Its completely Woot! when you feel that way. Someone started a post a while back, where she asked if other people felt "sexy" now and while seemingly a superficial way to think about it, why not? It's utterly mind-numbing for me to not want bread like I'll pass out w/o it. Never thought that would be me....

    When my hun and I do it right and eat spot-on, there is no denying. He just looks at me and we both say "why would you do any different?"

    Off to eat a spoonful of coconut oil!

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    I love your post!
    Don't worry about being 100% primal, that is the best! I say shoot for 100% but don't beat yourself up if you come up short, up to 80%

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    I didn't start off thinking I would be 100% by any means. I thought I would try it. Then realized--very quickly--how good I felt and how satisfied I was continuously without craving bread so badly. Any other time I've tried to go low-carb or cut out breads, I pretty much would sell my ???? to get a nice loaf of bread! LOL! This time it just doesn't happen--cravings have been there but not badly at all. Today I just really wanted to be on track and feel better again.

    Now--seriously? You eat a spoonful of coconut oil??! I've cooked eggs and few things with it but would not even consider eating it by a spoonful! Admittedly, it does smell so yummy!

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    I recently had a very similar experience. My dog had surgery last week and was supposed to be fine within 24 hours. The surgery didn't go quite as planned and he was a total wreck completely drugged out for three days. I couldn't leave him at all and didn't have any food in the house.

    I ended up having to grab some junk food at a convenience store down the road - total crap food for a couple of meals. Instead of sending me off on a binge, I couldn't wait to get some primal food. As soon as the dog was better I filled up on great food and am right back on track.

    The great thing is that it didn't take any willpower at all. I genuinely wanted to be back to primal.

    Now if I could just break this fricking sugar habit I'd be all set
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    Usual response I get from people when I tell them I eat the way I do - everyone says the same thing: "I couldn't do it. I wouldn't get full. I need to eat bread."

    My usual response, internally, is really don't. It truly is amazing. we really don't need bread or cereal grains of any kind. I eat WAY smaller portions..with much more fat in the meal via ghee/coconut oil/or butter...and I am satisfied. Never full. But satisfied. It is a different kind of sensation; but a natural one. And I don't crave bread either. I really don't. Just give me my fats. I am content. I made the switch.

    I would say that in my leftover percent..I eat some wild rice and or potatoes. I'll never go back to bread. Ever.

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    I'm like you! I started this WOE with all the intentions of having a 20% cheat every week, but I am pretty much on 98%, the cheat being 85% chocolate every now and again after lunch! Hahaha its just unreal and the best feeling in the world. It no longer worries me when I go out to parties etc... I just know its not worth going through the pain a bit of gluten or dairy will cause me the next day... and I honestly never crave it anyway.

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    Glamo-I've seen your pics and are AMAZING! VERY inspirational!! Thanks~~

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    20% isn't the goal, it's just built-in metering so you don't guilt yourself if you "slip up". A lot of times, the feeling of guilt is what does the damage. People feel they messed up, so they implode and do something ridiculous because "now I'm off my diet so why be good?" I'm easily 90+% Primal not because I try, but because I rarely have a desire to eat non-Primal foods. It just happens by default. Once you cast that garbage out of your life, you just don't want it. It's great, isn't it?!

    I'm 23 days into a Whole 30 where I am striving for 100% Paleo, above and beyond Primal. The great part: I feel and look no better than 90+% Primal + dairy - milk. Now I know I don't have to beat myself up if I drink something containing sugar or have a deep fried chicken wing at a bar on a rare occasion because I see no difference between eating 100% perfect and 90% perfect. I don't need to stress to a ridiculous level. Really, my only straying is maybe once every other month I'll eat some Ben & Jerry's, or I'll go out drinking and get a Diet Coke with vodka, and now I know it's okay, at least for me. I DO recommend you try a 100% perfect Paleo (no added sweetener of any kind - even stevia, no dairy, no dark chocolate, no grains of any kind including white rice) to see if you notice a difference between 95% and 100%. I now know I have no negative effect to Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, heavy cream and hard cheeses - my only issue is with homogenized milk which makes me bloated. The cool thing is I've developed a taste for completely black coffee, so that's a plus.
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    I'm genuinely interested - why settle for 80, or even 95. Why not go for 100?
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