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Thread: new deadlift PR page

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    new deadlift PR

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    a couple weeks ago i tried to max out on deadlift and was not able to lift more then 245. it seems my hamstrings/glutes arent really that strong so i decided to work on them. i started doing stiff leg dead lifts, started at 135 and worked my way up to 185 adding weight each workout. i was doing 5 sets of 5. i did this for a couple weeks and then got busy and i havent worked out since before christmas, so nearly a month

    anyways i was out in the garage tonight and needed to move my weights out of the way and decided just for the heck of it to just pick up the weights and move them. the 185 felt really light so i decided to just go for it and put all the weights i have on, which is 300lbs total including the bar. i was able to quite easily lift the 300 5 times! i am pretty stoked about it. i know considering my height and weight its probably not that impressive but ive never really lifted weights (including bodyweight stuff) before this year and considering i havent worked out in a month i thought it was really cool and wanted to share

    i guess i need to get some more weight plates soon!
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    Congrats! That's awesome! And I wouldn't worry about what's "impressive" for someone your height and weight--worry about continuing to improve and do your best in your own body. A new PR is always worth celebrating.
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    Pretty impressive! That's some quick growth.

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    i am proud of you

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    Outstanding! any progress is great progress!!!
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    Rock on! Deadlift rules!

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    Awesome stuff! 400lbs here you come!

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    A 300 lb deadlift is a lot of weight - I had to work pretty hard to get there. Congrats!
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    Well done!

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