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    I've been eating great for about a month, and am happy with my progress so far. This weekend I went a little crazy both calorie wise and carb wise. Whats the best way to get back on track today? Fast, lots of fats? Thanks for the input.

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    do what you were doing before you went a little crazy?

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    I would not recommend a fast now if you went crazy with carbs. Have a few eggs, or a salad with meat...just pick up where you left off. You body will forgive you in few days ;-)

    I'm in the same boat today.

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    Fasting interests me. Ive been reading about it, but I still dont quite understand it. How is it that if we miss meals and our body goes into starvation mode, but we fast for 16 hours and it's fine? Hows that work :P

    For instance, I may have a 'carby alcohol' night tonight. Do I go home to sleep and not eat til tuesday morning?

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    Your body doesn't go on starvation mode if you miss a single meal, has to be at least 2 days of not eating. Also, staying somewhat active during a fast (I read, haven't yet done any planned IF) will make your body hold on to muscle mass and use fat stores for energy.

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