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    Challenges with no thryoid

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    Hi everyeone have only been eating this way for about 2 weeks now and am hoping that, even though my thyroid was removed, I will still be able to eat this way and lose weight. Seems to me I am feeling just a bit heavier than I did before I began. Any words of encouragement? Please.

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    There are quite a few of us here with thyroid issues from mild to severe. I'm sure as you're browsing the threads you'll find some of interest to you. One of my favorite websites/blogs is theclothesmakethegirl | train hard. eat clean. live loud. she has had either part or all (can't recall) of her thyroid removed and she writes about food and fitness and some other fun things. She also has a fantastic cookbook out.
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    I have no thyroid gland. It was removed about three years ago. I've had great success with PB - I've lost around 20 pounds, I feel better, and I've resolved other health issues with it. Depending on how your dosage/blood levels are, you may take a little more time to start feeling a difference.

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