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Thread: a week in and i have a head cold?

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    a week in and i have a head cold?

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    hey all.

    i'm about a week into restarting my primal lifestyle after a major holiday slip-up (more like cliff fall!) it's all documented here:

    anyway, by the end of last week i was feeling good, my mind was just starting to come out of the fog and i got a nasty head cold! what gives? is this symptom of my body's switchover or just a bad coincidence? i haven't allowed it to derail me, but it just sucks!

    any insight?

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    No, it's a symptom of getting a cold. Eating doesn't give you a head cold, eating like shit (aka a lot of sugar) can suppress the immune system which makes it easier to catch a cold. Just a thought...

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    Well, it is the cold and flu season.

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