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    Duck feet ...

    Hopefully the title needs no explanation, but look at: Episode 361/365: Pathomechanics and IT Band Hell | Mobility WOD

    and a pic:

    I love MWod, and I've been aware of my own duck feet for a while, my right one in particular (I'm righty) skews more than the left. Meaning, my right foot points to the right more so than my left, which is a little straighter. I've been working on standing with my feet facing forward for a few months now, at least 4 months I've been standing at work (mostly for half the day, don't really want to stand in place all day) and I always check and reset my feet when they start going out.

    I've noticed that just about EVERYONE has duck feet, which leads me to believe it is pretty much "normal" and maybe not a deviation like Kstar (author of mwod) mostly says. Look at the pic above, per Kstar, your toes should point forward, not in a "v" like the hunter pictured above. His stance is actually quite mild compared to how other people have their feet.

    Is this something to worry about or look into? I know many squat with their toes pointing outward, and that's the only way I can ATG squats (meaning, when I point my toes foward it's much harder and my feet naturally go outward to complete the movement) My right knee caves inward if I try to keep my toes pointed forward. I have not noticed any considerable change. I think my feet still point the exact way they always have, or at least since I've been conscious of it.

    I just don't want to make damage in the long run, but I'm inclined to think I'm making a bigger deal out of this than it need be.
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