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Thread: Duck feet ...

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    -Yeah...I got duck feet too. Especially my righty. I have noticed that persons with more flat feet have more of a problem with this. A person with a nice arch is less likely to have problems with their feet spreading out, and pointing in all feet are almost flat which makes it harder to run, causes problems in general, and is harder on the knees over time...not to mention looking pretty funny. They are not completly flat. I was always so jealous of people with nice arches in their feet. Makes me feel STUPID! AND, makes me feel like I probably LOOK stupid. Like a stupid duck. LOL! Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm a foot you have big flat duck feet. I call them chicken fer me. A good pedicure's a girl thing.
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    I tink one possible reason for the duck feet is due to shoulder positioning. My left shoulder rests slightly forward of my right one. This unbalances the body and I think might result in the more pronounced duck foot on my right hand side.. maybe.

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    When I was growing up it was easy to tell the town kids from the farm kids. The farm kids had feet that pointed straight ahead and the city kids feet pointed out to each side.
    Try walking in tough un even terrain with duck feet then do it with feet pointed straihgt - much easier with feet straight.

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