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Thread: definitive texts

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    definitive texts

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    in the spirit of comrade tfarny's 'accumulation of wisdom' thread, we now build the definitive texts library.

    for a given subject, there must be one text which gives a man all the good information he needs to get up to speed, so that if he will never read another source on the subject he will be equipped to do the good things.

    there is a lot of bullshit out there, and we don't need that here. one well written and informed text should be enough for a peasant like me to apply some strong knowledge over my amateur scope of application. what i mean is that, i don't want to be a hero. if i only read 'starting strength' and nothing else on strength training, i would be able to make myself stronger than most men, but i probably wouldn't be able to become a world-class bodybuilder. so this is the spirit.

    an example, and the first entry, is mark rippetoe's 'starting strength'.

    • starting strength, for being strong

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    You only need one entry!

    Jack Kruse

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