I have been following Mark's newsletter for years. However I'm just now thinking of following his nutrition plan and changing my way of eating. I picked up three of his books, "The Primal Blueprint, Quick and Easy Meals, and the 21 day total body transformation." Do I need " The Primal Blueprint" book AND the" 21 Day Primal plan" book? They seem redundant and the 21 day book seems like an abbreviated version of the first book hitting all the highlights and important info. Do you agree? I want to save a buck or two if possible . Some have suggested "The Paleo Solution" and a couple others. I have read extensively on the web and understand the principals but mainly want a book to guide me on what to eat, how to best use my time at the gym, etc.

I would love some suggestions on cookbooks that have easy prep and recipes my kids may eat. T/hey are somewhat adventurous when it comes to trying new things but not as much and I and my husband who is a chef btw. Another concern in finding a good cookbook .