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Thread: Feeling good:o)

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    Feeling good:o)

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    In the past 2 weeks I have started eating more primal.(Had about 2 slip ups but got right back on track) It feels great just after 2 weeks too. I had no idea that it could feel so great to actually take control of your life and I feel so motivaed to keep this up. Something I just realized...I have had no heartburn for these 2 weeks either. I have a history of GERD, and esophageal strictures. I'm only 29!!!! No more heartburn here folks, its time to get PRIMAL!!!!!
    For anyone who might actually read this post who think they can't do this, I promise you, YOU CAN!

    p.s. I have already lost 6 lbs

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    awesome!!! that is so great to hear! it is amazing what eating the right way can fix in our bodies!

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