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Thread: Smoothies cause me to **** a lot of air

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    Smoothies cause me to **** a lot of air

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    Whenever I drink Smoothies (say with an apple and 2 bananas), my digstive system gets all weird, fills with air and makes weird sounds. Then I regularly have to go to the bathroom to release the air (with tiny amounts of liquid with it). Very annoying.

    Why does this happen? What causes this to happen? Does this happen for you too?

    On the other hand, if I eat steak, patties or eggs, the **** is healthily solid as it should be.

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    Then avoid smoothies. Grok didn't have a blender, did he?

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    Also be aware of food combinations - Apples and bananas sounds like a weird mix to me... Try just bananas and no apple.

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    Instead of blending the fruit try eating them whole and see if it treats you the same way. Could be aeration from the blending or maybe fermenting of the fruit, I don't know...

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    Does it happen if you eat the same combination of fruit whole? Is there anything else in your smoothie?
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