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Thread: New here- hello!

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    New here- hello!

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    Just wanted to introduce myself after lurking here for the past three weeks. I'm a 37 year old stay at home mom from Kansas who started the primal diet on January 1st. I am very excited about my progress thus far- I'm 5'9" and I started out at 156 and I'm down to 145 as of two days ago.

    I went gluten free on January 1, 2011 and had great results from that, but then found the great gluten free breads, pastas, etc. and suddenly my weight started creeping up. It wasn't until I read an article on Dr. Mercola about the insulin/sugar connection with those gluten free substitutes that the light came on. Since going primal all my gut issues are gone and I'm feeling fantastic.

    I homeschool my seven kids and have a small bakery business on the side (of which I can't partake of, ironically) so my energy levels have to be high all day, every day.

    So there it is! I look forward to all the wisdom that all you have to offer along this journey.

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    I am new here too so i just wanted to say HI. It sounds like you are doing awesome!

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    Welcome. Good luck with primal.
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