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Thanks for the ideas! But I still have a few questions.

When I referred to 'maximize running performance', I really meant specifically preventing bonking, which I essentially start out every run already having bonked with the carbs as low as they are (I try to run around 70 mpw). One of the factors that I was attracted to in the low-carb way of life (or diet, whichever you prefer), is the rate at which you can lose weight (i.e. faster than most other diets). The faster I can dispose of this fat (within reason), the less time my running will have to suffer, and the less time I will have to compromise running performance for weight loss, or vice versa.

If I bump up the carbs, I will (I'm sure) definitely run better, but I think that will basically eliminate the advantage of eating low-carb, yeah? In order to lose weight somewhat quickly with that approach, I would then have to drastically cut calories, and basically eat high-carb (to support the exercise level), which is really no different than your standard American diet. Granted, I don't have to (and won't) eat 'junk' carbs, but that would still be eating high-carb...But maybe that is the answer...endurance running is not conducive to eating Primally? I've read the various posts on MDA concerning endurance exercise and eating Primally, but of course, none of those athletes needed to lose weight...which is an entirely different, and potentially contradictory, problem to fueling this way...

So basically, my question boils down to: How do I maximize rate of weight loss and not hinder endurance running performance (if there is a solution to this problem)? I've lost weight before using CW calorie-cutting while running, but it was very slow, and as soon as I got injured, I gained most of it back (probably mostly my fault, but I also think the constant calorie-cutting made my metabolism more sluggish than it should have been given my high level of activity).
Why do you need to lose weight quickly? There is such an obsession with "NOW NOW NOW" that people lose focus of reality. If you are not yet keto-adapted, you're going to be feeling the depressed energy levels characteristic of low carb until you do become keto-adapted. How long that will take, I don't know. I've been gradually shifting towards less and less carbs, but I still recognize the need for them when it comes to running. Now, if you want to run well, up carbs. If you want to lose weight really fast, downgrade carbs. The one may suffer when the other is maximized and vice versa, so pick your highest priority and stick with it. With a primal/paleo diet the weight will drop and you will reach homeostasis eventually, even with higher carbs.