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Thread: My favourite way of doing kale

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    My favourite way of doing kale

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    After reading of Melissa McEwan's blog posts on kale and its nutritional value, I've started to eat a lot more of it. My first attempts at cooking it involved boiling (which left it tasting okay enough to eat, but not that appetising) to frying it with bacon (tastier, but I've been trying to cut down the amount of fat I eat in the evenings as I don't need the energy then).

    The best way I've found is to steam it with garlic, via the following:

    1) Mash up one garlic clove.
    2) Wash the kale and leave on the side in a colander. Don't shake off any excess water.
    3) Put a small pool of olive oil in a pan and drop in the garlic. Cook on a low heat until the oil starts to bubble slightly.
    4) Drop in the kale and continue for a few minutes on a low heat, with the pan lid on, until the kale is done. It should still be vibrant but softer. The water left on the kale from washing is what will steam it.

    It makes the kale less tough and a lot tastier. I'm pretty sure it preserves more of the nutrients, too. This also works superbly with cabbage.

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    Must take longer with cabbage right? Sounds good though I'll try it...

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    I love kale. I will give that a try sometime! :D

    I have a very good kale recipe, but it's not purely primal. It's from a vegetarian magazine that I had lying around. I like vegetarian magazines because often I get good ideas for veggie side dishes from them. I'm not one of those people who likes to eat veggies plain.

    Flash-Fried Kale with Peanuts

    • 1 8-oz bunch curly or Lacinato kale, stems removed
    • 1 Tbs. cooking oil or fat
    • 1 medium carrot, julienned
    • 1 Tbs. thinly sliced fresh ginger
    • 1 clove garlic, peeled and thinly sliced
    • 1 tsp. low sodium tamari sauce (preferably gluten-free)
    • 1 tsp. sugar
    • 2 Tbs. dry-roasted, unsalted peanuts, finely chopped

    1. Stack 4 kale leaves, and roll stack lengthwise into cylinder, then finely slice. Repeat with remaining kale leaves.

    2. Heat wok over high heat; add oil/fat, and swirl to coat wok. Add kale and carrot, and stir-fry 3 minutes. Add ginger and garlic, and stir-fry 15 seconds. Add tamari and sugar, and stir-fry 15 seconds more. Serve sprinkled with peanuts.

    You can omit and replace whatever you like. You don't have to use sugar. I use mirin (by Eden) instead of sugar. It's sweet, but it's not overly sweet.

    I treat myself to this sometimes :D

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    Here's my favourite kale recipe:

    Bunch kale
    1-2 slices bacon
    1 tsp good dijon mustard
    1-2 eggs

    Dice bacon & fry until crispy over medium heat. Add washed kale & cover. Cook for a few minutes to soften kale, then add mustard. Stir and cover and cook until kale is almost to desired doneness. Break eggs over kale, cover, and cook until eggs are done as you like. Serve and enjoy!

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    I always blanch mine first, just enough to make it less tough, then fry up some bacon, garlic and onions. When the onions are translucent I throw in the kale, sprinkle on cumin, toss really well then drizzle with ACV. Cover then let cook on low until done.

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    Sauted kale is really good with a poached egg.

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    I made kale chips the other day. I didn't love them, but they were pretty good. I was surprised, but Hubby seemed to think they were ok. They kept in a bowl on the counter for a few days, and he would randomly go over and help himself to some.
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    Costco has massive bags of organic Earthbound Farms baby kale. It is delicious and I think less than $6 for 1.5 lbs. Because it is pre-washed and young tender baby kale, it cooks quickly and is easy to throw into recipes by the handful!

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    Quality tips on here.

    If in doubt, remember:

    Boiled: epic fail.
    Steamed, with garlic: epic kale.

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    I hope my Costco gets the washed baby kale. I haven't seen it yet.
    I like raw kale salads the best. I take the stems out and chop it very fine, or in shreds (ribbons) however you say it, and then let it marinate in the dressing. Peanut dressing is my favorite (although not that primal).
    Or I add olive oil, salt, lemon juice, vinegar, mashed avocado, and walnuts, or whatever else looks good.
    I also throw it in the food processor to get it super fine and then mix it into tuna or chicken salad.

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