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Thread: Living Primal in Vermont

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    Cool Living Primal in Vermont

    Day 1:
    2 homemade chocolate chip cookies. (I know. Move on, had to get it "on paper")

    2 backyard eggs with a bit of last nights chili folded into an omelet with pat of butter on top
    decaf coffee and cream
    16 oz water

    6 brown and serve sausage links
    6 large spears broccoli with butter and season salt
    about 1/4 c of pickled banana peppers
    16 oz water
    decaf with cream (SO cold here!!!!)

    Dinner remains to be seen....but I have lots to choose from...greens. spagetti squash, cukes, peppers, avocado, chicken breast chicken wings, leftover "meat muffins" and the chili, as well as eggs.

    DINNER: chicken wings. rubbed in smoked paprika, chili powder and season salt, baked at 450 for 30 m inutes, tossed in hot sauce and butter, back into oven at 500 for five minutes. served with cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes and bleu cheese. YUM!!!!!!!!!!

    For dessert, blueberries with cream.
    Still kind of confused about how I should workout today, so I think I'm just going to bundle up and hit the treadmill at a moderate to brisk walk for 40 minutes. *****never did workout today unless you count the 4-5 hours of laundry, cooking and housework I did, moping vacuuming etc.
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