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Thread: Flawed CW/Primal friendly research papers

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    Hi Grokers,

    I am looking to do a research paper on a primal type diet while breaking down the foundations of CW. I was wondering if any of you have any good links to papers that might help me out. I am looking for things that show primal eating is beneficial or flawed CW papers that I can tear apart.

    I know that there is lots of great stuff out there it's just hard to wade through all the CW.

    Any help or direction in starting is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Specifically I have heard mention of the original CW paper that linked heart disease and saturated fat but failed to do the same statistical analysis with carbohydrates. Also, I heard that the initial study that showed fiber was beneficial was done regarding vegetable fiber and then the wheat people thought "hmmm, bran is fiber too right?"

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    The first study you seem to be pointing at is the Ansel Keys study known as The seven countries, but almost anything by Ancel keys will be CW.

    I think the best resource you could find will be Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes which sites dozens upon dozens of studies that debunk alot of CW and support just as many primal ideas.

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    Thanks! Through my research tonight I was able to find the Ancel Keys study that I was talking about. I am glad to hear that <i>Good Calories, Bad Calories </i>has a lot of citations because it would be inappropriate to cite the book itself. It looks like I may have to get my butt down to chapters.

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    Check out Dr. John Briffa&#39;s blog:

    He is a medical doctor and he does a fantastic job reviewing and interpreting recent studies. He posts a lot of studies that support low-carb diets, and he has mentioned several times that he believes a "paleo" type diet is probably the best diet for overall health.

    Dr. Briffa&#39;s extremely informative and reasonable blog is honestly the reason that I gave low-carb dieting a chance to begin with, and for that I am extremely grateful.

    Scroll down and click on the "Low-Carbohydrate" category. He made some amazing posts about studies that showed links between carbohydrate intake and heart disease, and the lack of evidence to condemn saturated fat.

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    Also look at the Eades&#39;s blog here

    Good luck!

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