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Thread: Terrine query

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    Terrine query

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    I've been making terrines, but I think I'm doing something wrong.
    When they're cooked there's a lot of fat and liquid around the meaty terrine part.
    Do I pour it off while it's still warm or do I leave it? If I don't pour it off I end up with soft fat and brown goo all over the outside.
    Am I maybe cooking it too long?

    Anyone had the same problem?

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    I leave it and the liquid turns to a jelly. But it needs to be eaten quite quickly as jelly goes off fast. If you want to keep the terrine for up to a week, pour off the jelly, (keep it - tastes lovely!!), let the terrine cool, and pour melted lard around the meat, to cover it. Let it cool and refrigerate.

    Usually, I leave the jelly, eat some and portion the rest up - it freezes very well.

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