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Thread: wait...I am confused?

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    wait...I am confused?

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    I keeping reading about whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat or bulk up or lose fat but wouldn't gaining muscle mean you're losing/burning fat anyways? so wouldn't everyone just want to say they want to gain muscle? which automatically burns fat?
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    i think what most people want is really just to lose fat to show more muscles, but plenty of people want to actually want to get bigger arms, shoulders, chests, etc...doing both at the same time seems to be the holy grail of fitness. it's difficult because despite all hopes and dreams, fat cannot be turned into muscle; they're two different kinds of tissue. so, in order to get bigger muscles, one has to eat more to fuel them. but, in order to lose fat, one has to eat less so the body uses fat stores for fuel. it's possible to do both at the same time, but it's not easy.

    in my opinion, you're right. focus on the muscles and you'll lean out...but it might take more time than following some specific advice.

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