So I'm trying to get my mom to switch to paleo eating as she has a ton of migraines and fatigue. She can't live without her vanilla latte though. I realize she needs better willpower, but for the time being, does anyone have a good recipe for a vanilla latte with one of the alternative milks (coconut milk, almond, hemp, etc)?

I have tried with store bought almond milk and it was not good. Have tried with coconut milk and it had a very watery taste to it..and of course the coconut overpowered it.

I am going to try to make my own almond milk and see how that tastes after it gets steamed and has a shot of espresso in it. Not holding out hope though.

I'm just curious if anyone has successfully found a good milk replacement in lattes. I've googled a few recipes and they didn't taste well. I'm not expecting it to taste exactly like a latte but close would be nice.
Thanks for any tips guys!