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    Do Grains by themselves Raise Omega 6's- or lower Omega 3's- or both

    I've been looking on the forum and searched Mark's posts but I can't find information on links between Omega 6's and grains. If anyone has any general information regarding this and/or links to studies that support this I would be grateful. The only thing related that I was able to find was that grass fed beef has much better ratio of Omega 3 to 6's than grain fed beef.

    Related, is there evidence that grains (or any other specific foods) suppress Omega 3 absorption?


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    The primary fat in most grains is omega 6. However, it's in very, very low quantity. In one cup of whole wheat flour, there are 2.2g of fat. 886mg of that fat comes from omega 6.

    Compare that to just 23 measly almonds, where there are 3408mg of omega 6.

    Simply put, grains aren't skewing people's n3:n6 ratio all that much. They're too low fat (except for whole grain oats, which are actually pretty fatty and rancid sitting on shelves!). The benefit from dropping grains comes from removing the gluten and anti-nutrients from your diet and has little to do with omega 6. The reason why people's n6 ratios are skewed in this country is because of the vegetable oils. Your #1 priority should be to drop all the industrial vegetable/seed oils with high polyunsaturated fat as there is absolutely no reason to use them. They're flavorless, rancid, loaded with trans-fats and comprised mostly of omega 6. They are the ultimate killer - worse than grains IMO as they're a greater source of systemic inflammation in the SAD.

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Wheat flour, whole-grain
    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Nuts, almonds [Includes USDA commodity food A256, A264]
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    Thanks for the reply. That is great info. Let me try to be a bit more direct with my question since it wasn't what I was exactly looking for. I'm trying to figure out why grain fed cattle has such a bad 3 to 6 ratio whereas grass fed have a much better ratio. Mark stated in a post that this was due to the fact that although grain fed and grass had equal Omega 6's grain fed had almost zero Omega 3. What I did not understand was why.

    Here's what he wrote... (The Differences Between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef | Mark's Daily Apple)

    I’ve been one to bang the omega-6 in feedlot beef drum, perhaps as loudly as anyone, but I think a revisiting is in order. Simply put, while the omega-6mega-3 ratio in CAFO beef is worse than the ratio in grass-fed beef, it’s not because the omega-6 content of beef fat skyrockets with grain feeding; it’s because the omega-3 content is basically nonexistent. The absolute totals of omega-6 in grass-fed and grain-fed are roughly similar. Grass-fed is even richer in PUFA by percentage, owing to the increase in omega-3s. As long as you’re avoiding or limiting the real big sources of linoleic acid in the diet, like seed oils, bushels of nuts, and conventionally raised poultry fat, the omega-6 content of conventional beef fat won’t throw your tissue ratios off by much (if at all). What will, however, is the lack of omega-3 fat s in grain-fed. Eat some fatty fish or take some high quality fish oil to round it out.
    So maybe I missed something (I'll revisit his post) but it seems that the grains are either
    A. restricting the absorption of Omega 3 or
    B. the cows get Omega 3's from grasses. (or C. both)

    If it's "A" then one can theorize the possibility that grains would inhibit humans Omega 3 absorption. And if so how.

    Read more: The Differences Between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef | Mark's Daily Apple
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