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    For about six months now, I've been on a rabbit food/lean meats/med-high carbs diet and working out like a madman with a couple of popular dvd systems. The workouts have gone very well and the body changes have been nice, but the spare tire and fat loss has always gone at a snails pace. I would average about a pound a week lost. This is even after purchasing and using a bodybugg to ensure I was not going over 1k a day deficits.

    Five days ago, I made the PB switch and have been keep the carbs around 80-90 per day while getting plenty of fats and proteins and in fact, eating significantly more total calories than before. And the fat is just falling off! I've lost 3 pounds and it hasn't even been a week! Holy cow!

    Thank you Mark and everyone else in the PB community for showing me the way.

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    Woo hoo!!!! It's amazing what happens to our bodies when we finally start eating the food we were made to eat!!!

    Good for you!!!

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    It really is fantastic, isn't it?

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    Hehe, I didn't experience that, but do feel some looseness of the pants. Scale wise I've lost maybe 1 or 2 pounds in two weeks. My only carbs are from vegs and I'm fairly active. Patience...

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