I got my cholesterol tested at a work "health fair" this last week. I haven't had one in a couple years, but my prior cholesterol tests have always been good/low. My family, while most are obese, tend to always have good cholesterol numbers.

My current test came, three weeks into primal:
Total Cholesterol: 304
Triglycerides: 79
HDL: 102
LDL, Direct: 114
VLDL: 15.8

Since it says LDL, Direct, I assume that means they didn't calculate LDL but measured it directly? I didn't order the VAP test.

My last test test was a three years ago on normal SAD, was:
Total Cholesterol: 137
Triglycerides: 23
HDL: 48
LDL (Calculated): 84

Granted that was three years ago, but I'm surprised my triglycerides are as high as they are now. My ratios seem good, so I'm going to continue and recheck in three months.