It is the middle of winter here in Indiana, and it seems like spring is not going to get here any time soon. I read the Primal Blueprint in July of last year (2011), and have been applying its nutrition principles since the end of July 2011.

I started my PB journey at 37 years old, 6' tall and over 315lbs. I had been taking blood pressure meds, acid reflux meds, and was battling chronic intestinal issues, as sleep apnea was a problem (not diagnosed, but my wife said i would stop breathing and gasp for air in the middle of the night), not to mention terrible snoring.

At this point, I now weigh 263lbs that is a loss of 52lbs, I no longer take any prescription drugs, have no intestinal issues to speak of, and sleep quietly breathing through the night.

All this is wonderful, and it has been done by following the nutrition aspects of PB alone. While I have been walking a bit more, and have had to exert myself a bit during hunting season, I have not done anything with the fitness aspects of PB. In fact, as a programmer, I sit 90% of my waking day.

I have read the PBF e-book and have started following the recommended program. I will be walking a lot more than I have been, I will incorporate sprints and lifting heaving things. My goal is to reach the master level of the 5 essential moves, but I will be starting with level 1 on each of them.

I would like to here your experience with adding PBF to your routine. How has it effected your PB experience.