I'll start, I know alot of this is in the books by Mark and Robb, but I usually learn the hard way.

5'8", starting weight at this journey 2.5 years ago was 262lbs.

I've been stuck at a Paleo/Primal plateau of ~185-187lbs for almost six months even while maintaining probably better than the 80/20 rule as far as adherence. Top that off with Crossfit since July, I'd been expecting better results.

I recently returned from a 20 day work trip to Europe on December 22nd and came back about 5 pounds heavier (192lbs) and completely rested from exercise. Upon returning (and clearing my head a bit) my motivation was renewed. Coupled with revising my goals for exercise I came to learn a few things, but one VERY important thing has stood out since then.

I do not need to eat nearly as much food as I have been!

Since that time, I have dropped to 174 pounds fairly effortlessly with some intermittent fasting, and being a bit honest about the quantity. So given some time to think I've come to a checklist that is very quickly leading me to some serious success and I hope this will help one of you.

1 ) Paleo / Primal nutrition is really a framework for getting bad "conventional wisdom", bad neolithic agents of disease (gluten, lectin, bad forms of sugar) out of the diet and more importantly out of the way.

2 ) You need to be honest with yourself about how much food you need to eat. The Paleo framework will put you in a position to be both metabolically and systemically tolerant of overeating, but only to a point. You must be honest about the quantity of food you're consuming if your goal is to lose weight.

3 ) Building muscle is hard, and takes a lot of effort, and is a lot freaking harder when you're not providing the body the right fuel for the job. Until you're at a weight where you can do things safely, move often at a slow pace and GET OUTSIDE like Mark says.

4 ) Working out with poor form is a recipe for disaster that effort or "pushing through it" will only magnify and leave you in a world of prolonged hurt. In the end it may even blind you to WHY you are doing what you're doing.

These things are helping me not only push through my plateau, but I'm jumping off the damn cliff. I hope this helps some of you keep perspective on your journey. Not everybody pulls this stuff off in 3 months, 6 months, or a year even.