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Thread: Share things you've learned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_walking_jonny View Post
    If I want something sweet, i'll try to go for a banana or other piece of fruit instead of some processed Protein bar.

    I usualy do a pineapple diped in greek yogurt. Delicious. Tends to be Sunday breakfast.
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    Something I've learned: any time I think I want bread, really all I'm wanting is the butter.

    OMG, that's ME!
    Now everytime I crave bread I just head to the fridge and get a stick of unsalted butter

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    Hahaha, laughed at winencandy's coconut oil hair thing. I went throughout the same--I slater it on my body, eat it with amazing effects, why not replace my $$$ moroccon oil with coconut. I have very thick, not oily hair, and it was a disaster!

    I have learned that for me three meals with HUGE breakfast, and no snacking ever is the way to avoid the frantic hunger I have felt my entire life (don't forget high quality primal fats and meats and a ton of coconut products)
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    Okay here's a new one....

    90lbs lighter means you can't hold your alcohol anymore :O

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    I've learned that I really do have bones and muscles under all this fat. Woohoo!!! Oh, and raw milk is the bomb!

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