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    It is okay to skip lunch everyday?

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    I was just wondering if it's okay to just breakfast and dinner everyday. Well not everyday probably will eat lunch sometimes on the weekends.

    I'm aiming for fat loss here and I will just be drinking water. Is this what Mark talks about intermittent fasting?

    Also how long will I feel the hunger pains? I hope not so long.

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    Get your calories from fresh, non-processed foods and eat when you're hungry. I wouldn't focus on what time of the day you don't eat. I'm falling into the category of a large breakfast, an afternoon snack (and post-workout small-meal on workout days) and a small dinner meal.

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    yeah that ^^
    Eat if you are hungry and eat primal food and you will be OK.

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    primalkyle...I live down the street from you. lol Fossil Creek area. You go to a gym around here?

    And will go into a catobolic state and lose all your muscle! Ha just kidding. Yes, two meals is fine. I think thats what most people do here anyway.
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    i love 2 meals a day. co-workers are drowsing off after lunch; i'm rearing to go from a hearty breakfast!
    husband is trying to be a linux guy right now... debating between arch linux and the linux mint... i have no idea what it means but i think his cortisol is going up from linux!

    hunger will go away... maybe start with a later breakfast so that you don't have such severe hunger?
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    If his cortisol is elevating, it must be the Mint...

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    Hubby works in the medical field and often has to see patients during his lunch, so he typically skips it. He's done this for years, even pre-primal. Never hurt him. He maintains a healthy (and hot) body weight, and I actually think skipping lunch is part of the reason for this.
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    IF works better if you fast for a long time and then have a small'ish window of eating. I skip breakfast and usually break my fast about 2:00 or sometimes as late as 6:00 with my last meal being around 8:00 (those are all PM in case that wasn't clear). That gives me between 18 and 22 hours fasting. During that time insulin stays low and fat burning kicks in.

    I am not saying you can't do what you are asking about, just that if it were me, I would try having long fast (16-20 hours) rather than having 2 shorter 12 hour fasts (or whatever it works out for you). Fasting works when your insulin levels drop and fat burning turns on, in simple terms.

    pklopp did a great job of explaining it in 3 threads:
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    Yeah sure. The Fast 5 IF approach might work for you:
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    I don't eat lunch since I started eating protein-rich breakfasts. I'm just not hungry. I consider IF a longer window of not eating as well, such as what you'd get if you ate only lunch and dinner, or only dinner.
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