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Thread: Fruit Glaze/Syrup?

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    Fruit Glaze/Syrup?

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    Anyone know how to make a good fruit glaze/syrup for use over pancakes? Do I just throw a bunch of fruit in a blender?

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    Juice an orange or two into a small saucepan and heat until simmering, then toss in a bunch of berries/fruit (frozen or fresh). You'll get a bunch of liquid in the pan in a couple of minutes...just cook until it reduces and thickens. You can add a bit of pectin or arrowroot powder to help this along, but it isn't really necessary.

    Alternatively, whip up some heavy cream with a dash of vanilla, and fold in crushed (fresh or frozen) berries.

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    You might like caramelized bananas or fried apples...just cook them in some coconut oil!
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