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Thread: Help!!!

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    I have been feeling extremely rundown and tired and not wanting to do anything Ė kinda hard when I have an 8 month old to take care of.I started Primal a few weeks ago, I do cardio on my exercise bike 5-6days a week 45-90mins a day depending on how I feel.I strength train 3x/wk and I have been feeling so sleepy lately Ė not wanting to get out of bed or wanting to clean and not looking forward to working out like I used to.Now I have to force myself to do it because I want to lose 80 pounds (more like 70 probably because I think Iíve gained muscle).The sad part is, Iím so tired&feel weak sometimes but this whole time I feel like I havenít been doing enough, ya know? Like I could always do more or else Iíll seem lazy or useless
    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?? Am I training to hard or not enough or what? Iím so frustrated about it. I just want to lose weight and feel better but most of all I want and NEED more energy.
    Before you ask, I have like 6-10 servings of veggies a day (usually green beans because Iím really into them right now) and a hamburger or porkchop 3x/day plus a tbs of mayo 2x/dayI snack on a handful of almonds (and I have little hands Ė Iím only 4í9″)
    I donít eat very much because Iím usually not that hungry except lately I feel ravenous but I donít know if itís because of my exercise or if Iím PMSing
    Iím so sorry itís such a long post but I have no idea who to ask anymore.Doctors never did anything to help, my holistic nutrition had me try adrenal supplements but theyíre not doing anything anymore.

    So my basic schedule
    Every day Ė 3 beef patties or pork chops,6-10 servings of green beans,2 servings of almonds,Strength training days Ė above plus 1 serving egg protein powder+1 banana+1 serving almond milk just to get more protein in after strength training. I'll feel full after eating but hungry an hour later, sometimes it takes less time than that
    Mon,Wed,Fri Ė Strength Train can vary from gym weights (leg press,shoulder press,chest press, fly, pulldowns) to workouts I find on youtube or simple things like lunges,squats,pushups,crunches
    Mon-Sat at least 45 mins cardio
    Sun Ė rest day which doesnít seem to come quick enough lately
    Every day I also clean and take care of&play with my 8 month old son who is a workout all by himself lol

    I also feel exhausted some days, like Iím getting sick, never feel rested and I feel like I need to eat less because we canít afford much as far as meat goes which is a real bummer but I just need to deal with it
    Oh and the beef patties I eat are like 1/2C of meat when itís raw

    My husband thinks I work too much but I think I work too little since heís the one who goes&earns money&I stay at home

    Anyway, if anyone could help me, you would be everything Iíve ever asked for.

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    Have you read the book??? Stop the chronic cardio! Cut back on the strength training! You have a toddler. You are already getting the exercise your great grandmothers have gotten since they swung down out of trees. More

    Eat carbs. Get a variety of veggies, including starchy ones.
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    I had the carb flu for about three weeks when I started - I was exhausted and couldnt' think straight. As promised, it stopped after about three weeks and I felt great. Search "carb Flu" on these forums for info. I think people recommended getting some fat at that time (I just started eating a bunch of bacon and cooking my eggs in it). And I found drinking homemade chicken stock helped a little. And you should probably cut down on all that working out! Get the food right and take care of your family. Add in the exercise as you feel ready.

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    You're definitely overtraining. Go ahead and just drop the cardio for a week, cold turkey. No need to spend 45-90 minutes a day away from your kid, etc. You can then add in one (<- read it again) day of sprints. No more than 20 minutes. Full recovery (controlled, even breathing) before doing another sprint.

    Weightlifting has to have some sort of program, otherwise you never adapt ('confusing' your muscles is bull, you'll just run yourself dry) and improve. Make sure you're using free weights, it trains stabilizing muscles that allow real strength to develop.

    Day 1
    overhead press 3x5 (3 sets of 5 reps)
    row 3x5
    squat 3x5
    explosive work (box jump, knees-to-feet, hang clean, etc) 3x5

    Day 2
    bench press 3x5
    chinup/pullup 3x5 (some variant, there are ways of making them easier. A pulldown is not the same)
    lunge 3x5
    deadlift 3x5

    try and make the last set a weight you can do 6-7 times and stop at 5. You can look up Wendler 5x5 program, or something else. This is just something for you to do while you chill for a while and rest. Make sure your sleep is good, kill the tv/computer 1+ hour before bed, etc. Mark has articles on this.

    one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Adjust to .75 g or 1.25 g as needed. Try about 100 g of carbs at first. Fats should make up the rest of your calories, but I'd suggest hold off on any dairy till you feel better.

    As far as money goes tuna is cheap, but just look for reduced prices and the really cheap cuts. Ground beef is not always the cheapest.

    You've got a touch of carb flu and the cardio isn't helping. Stop the cardio 1 week +, get 120g of protein a day, and fill up your calories after that with fat. Also read the Primal 101 articles.

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    I'll add a vote to the 'drop the cadio group'.

    You're doing way too much, sprint once per week and if you have to just do 30 minutes of fast biking once or twice per week, just cut the volume of cardio way down.
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    Thanks everyone

    Thanks for replying everyone!

    Hedonist - I haven't really had the time to read lol I always seem to be doing SOMEthing plus I was never a really good reader - I have trouble concentrating on things like that&end up reading a single sentence like 5 times just to make sure I comprehend it. I just never felt like I was doing too much. It's hard to explain I guess. I used to constantly be moving and doing fun things like hiking but since I got pregnant&had my son I just don't feel like I have enough in me to do much. Carrying him his getting harder, for sure, but I don't think we'll be able to do much til the snow melts.

    Apelletr - I've definitely been trying to get more fat in but it's definitely weird getting used to it and not making myself feel like a fatty while eating it. The last couple days I've been really hungry and I've felt so guilty about eating anything other than like 1 hamburger patty and a couple servings of greens

    Somedaypaleo - Will I ever get to a point where I'm not overtraining? I just feel like I'm not doing enough and it is SO frustrating doing all this work&having nothing to show for it! I like doing different workouts so I don't get bored which is pretty easy as far as workouts go but any workouts I find with variations of things like lunges/squats, bicep curls/rows feel awesome while I'm doing them and I love that burn afterwards - like I'm actually doing something with my life other than helping my son grow&succeed at life. Plus whenever I have any down time I still think things like "wow I should really be workin out right now". I think I eat a lot of protein but I'll have to keep track of my macronutrients again to be sure.I hate keeping track of that crap thought. It takes time&I never stick to things like fitday. It costs more per pound for tuna than it does for bulk meat. I do buy tuna every now&then but only when we have the money to spare.

    Blah - It's just weird growing up being kinda taught&thinking that the more work = more weight loss. The more you move, the more you lose and I'm not losing anything! All this moving and it's not adding up to a nicer figure or more energy!

    I'll definitely try the no cardio for a few days - should be easy since I'm dreading it anyway =/ I'll try to eat more fat and substitute a meal with tuna instead - honestly that sounds super heavenly right now - should I maybe try some beans to up my carb load?

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    LOL, yeah I wonder why you feel run down, you are probably taking in around 1400-1500 calories and doing shit tons of cardio and strength training. If you wanted to maintain that type of schedule, you could easily add in 600-700 more calories a day (MORE FAT/PROTEIN). I don't know if you are still nursing, my wife currently is, and that adds even more calories to the mix. You simply aren't eating enough. I agree, bail on the cardio and substitute walking 2-3 times a week. Simplify your strength training. 2-3 exercises a session MAX (keep it under 45 minutes). Train short and hard (if you can, just don't compromise form). Follow-up your training with a good meal (real food not protein powder).

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    Sihana - I really only want to spend $100/month on food but I'm pretty sure that's not very realistic. I want us to start saving in case of emergencies so that's why I want us to spend less everywhere else - spend less&save more. I probably do get unnecessary things but they're for the house usually like a tablecloth here or a blanket there.I have been trying to downsize&be kind of a minimilist though now since we seem to have so much stuff&I don't like feeling cramped or claustrophobic. In my town we have a Costco, Safeway, QFC, Grocery Outlet, and a farm store called Sunny Farms. I love Sunny Farms so much because it's all delicious and local, even the meat is local but it's definitely more expensive. QFC is usually a lot more expensive unless they're having a sale on something and Safeway is where I try to get our meat because they have BOGO sales. I think I really need to start finding a way to make the meat go farther. For instance, we got 6lbs of ground beef from costco and I made it all into 1/2c burgers since they're easy to warm up later (ya know busy mom kind of cooking lol) but we only had them around for a few days because I felt hungry a lot =/

    Fernaldo - I think I would just look at the beef and think I'm eating way more calories than I really am. No I'm unable to nurse. I was really sad&upset that no matter what I did I could only produce an ounce of breastmilk. I'm really into more natural ways of living so I felt like a huge failure when I couldn't provide my own child with food. I had to give him formula because I couldn't feed him enough breastmilk&it killed me inside a little. Formula's a lot better than it used to be when I had to eat it, but I still don't like the idea of man made things. Nature is best but I couldn't produce enough. I think it might be another reason my fat is being so stubborn. My friends could breastfeed and they lost so much weight but they have no idea how it feels to be 8 months after delivery with only a 20 pound (out of 70) that I had gained from pregnancy. It seems like a lot when I write it down but it doesn't look or feel like it =( Plus my mom instilled in me early on that I was too fat no matter how much weight I lost so no matter what I eat I feel guilty sometimes. I'll drop cardio for a bit and rest for a few days to maybe give my body time it needs to feel better - I feel so sleepy today. There's a lot of snow here so I can't really go out walking with the baby. Think I could just take it easy on my bike for now til the snow melts a little bit?

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    By the way, the reason I want to lose this weight is to look good for Sakuracon - an anima convention - but also to have more energy cuz that would be so awesome for my son. I want to lose 50pounds of fat at least by April 6th but I really don't know if I can lose 50 pounds in 3 1/2 months...

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    My main concern is my belly. I had my son 8 months ago&never had a flat tummy before that - i was a fat kid - but I want to try to get a flat tummy for one. I'm 4'9" and now I'm at 170-172 pounds and on a short girl like me I look like I'm 200pounds.I hate that. I'm going with a friend of mine who is really tall&skinny so I want to look more defined and not so blubbery - don't wanna be the "fat one" ya know? I was 190 before I gave birth - the heaviest I've ever been - down to about 170 now but my goal weight would be 110. I started primal a couple weeks ago and I'm not exactly sure how much I weighed then - I'm kickin myself in the ass for not writing the stats down >:/ I'm not really sure if 110 possible though because I'd like to have packed on a bit of muscle too. Not like manly muscle but a decent amount. I have weighed 108 before but I was anorexic - vegetarian, vegan&a raw foodist before that lol nothing was good enough. I'd like to be lean because I never have been&even when I weighed 108 I still didn't like my body because it wasn't defined. I'd like to be lean&defined.So even if I end up being 120 at 4'9" I'd like it to be 10-20 pounds of muscle.

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