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Thread: I think I am having an allergic reaction.

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    The backs of my hands are covered in little red bumps. It started as just a patch last Tuesday; I thought it was dry skin and put some lotion on. The patch has grown to cover the entire backs of my hands and is now spreading up my fingers and thumbs. It doesn't itch or anything, it just feels like dry skin.

    It's not sun bumps because It's not sunny or warm enough here to go out without gloves.

    I've eaten coconut before (in my pre-primal days) and never had any problem, but maybe too much of it is causing this? I've used coconut oil, milk, and shredded unsweetened coconut flakes in the past couple of weeks. The only other new thing in my diet these past couple of weeks is endives.

    Prior to now, I've been sugar, grain, and dairy free. Meats have been mostly organic, lots of veggies, some fruit, fair amount of nuts and eggs.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    Have you changed anything you put on your skin, like lotion, washing powder, new gloves....? Handled any new plants?

    Try going without the coconut for a bit, I've seen a few instances where "overload" of something has caused a problem.

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    same thing happened to me about two weeks ago except mine was on my abdominal area and doctor prescribed me so cortiosteriod which i took and unfortunately had some side affects---indigestion, had to eat veggies n fruit for two days straight---but i did a gallbladder/liver cleanse for like a day and im all better now. the bumps did go away with the drugs. the only thing i could think of that i ate differently was macadamia nuts and roasted almond butter (usually i get raw or just have raw almonds)...u should go to your docotor, especially if its spreading

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    I think I figured it out--pretty sure it was the soap I just bought. Went to the pharmacy and they gave me some cream that I am pretty sure would be over-the-counter in the states, but my hands are much better now, so yay! Thanks everyone.

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