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    Hey Guys,

    So whenever my mom does work with her hands her arthritis (I'm assuming it's arthritis) acts up and she can't even close her hand all the way. She asks me to bring her advil to "bring down the swelling" but I really hate doing this because I know it's just a temporary fix (and probably bad on her kidneys or liver). So, the question is, would PB cure the arthritis? It's very difficult for me to change my mom's eating habits, though they have improved (she still can't get rid of the raisinettes and milano cookies). Is there a specific food family I can try to eliminate without a full change to PB (nightshades, grains, etc)? Any info is much appreciated, as I hate to see her in pain.

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    When I eliminated all grains (including corn) my arthritis disappeared. You may want to try that with her, but really, she needs to stop eating anything that causes inflammation - grains, sugar, nightshades.

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    I got a lot of relief from eliminating grains---but when I added fish oil 2400 mg and Vit D3 helped even more.

    Pain free now :-D

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    Check out the Cooling Inflammation blog. The dietary suggestions are PB-friendly, and he includes a lot of specific info about how to tame inflammation.

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    Grains, sugar, nightshades (including tomatoes and peppers -- easy for some, enormously hard for others), fish oil, D3... I second that list. Sometimes it's just one of those things that does the trick -- useful for someone who is resisting the Full Grok approach. I have a friend whose life was completely changed for the better just by giving up nightshades -- she says she felt 10 yrs younger within a few days, and has almost no arthritis symptoms now. On the other hand, giving up nightshades did nothing for me but make me culinarily miserable, but removing gluten was a huge improvement. Good luck!

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