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Thread: Why am I breaking out in spots? HELP!!

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    Why am I breaking out in spots? HELP!!

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    I've been following the Primal Blueprint for 2 weeks now, absolutely love it, some amazing recipes.

    I work out 4/5 times a week and generally feel amazing, the only downfall is I've broken out in numerous spots around my chin and mouth (which I never ever get might I add) and wonder if anyone else suffered this their first few weeks in?

    Any advice much appreciated


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    Like acne spots, you mean? I had this problem for the first 4-6 weeks, which was totally frustrating because I'd never had that issue before. It cleared up, though.

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    Yes. I feel your frustration as I never break out and at 28 to have zits is annoying, but if they'll eventually clear up I can deal with it!

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