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Thread: $hit women say to trainers page

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    This is funny...because it is often so true....I often hear things like this at the gym and wonder why they have waisted their money.

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    very funny.

    the whole time my family was here on holiday with us, we ate primal. most days, we ate paleo. when my aunt was here last year, she lost weight on the holiday.

    so, my mom comes telling me that she wants to loose some weight, and that she wants to eat well, and no treats and all of that. And since we don't really have treats and stuff, I figured that it would be no problem, right?

    every day, my parents would get something crazy -- like cookies, cake, or ice cream. Sometimes they would get french fries early in the day and sweets later. and, we weren't moving as much as normal because of my dad's arthritis and stuff.

    anyway, toward the end, my mother was complaining about how what we were eating was making her fat, how she was always hungry, how our diet isn't healthy, etc etc etc, and how she needed "more carbs.' So, we started making more veggies and had fruit around too. But then she decided that she had to have milk every morning, and we had raw milk but that had too much fat so we went and got pasteurized milk (2%), and she must have had several liters over the course of a week.

    and ironically, it was our fault for her gaining weight on the vacation. and she was like "i'm going home to do south beach phase one!"

    uhm, this IS south beach phase one, if you hadn't have kept buying fries, cookies, cakes, ice cream, excessive amounts of milk, etc.

    I swear, i was eating two meals a day, our nomal meals plus a snack some days (usual snack). I didn't gain any weight.

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    My Mom does the same stuff! She kept asking me to help her and I'd take her grocery shopping, and even showed her how to cook. But every night she'd come home with a bag of ho-hos anyway.

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    The "oh, this doesn't really count!" vibe is very insidious.

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    The foam roller part cracked me up!

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    Does reading this forum make me fat?

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    Unfortunately, these painful stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

    The last one about the cookies could be any one of my female relatives (and, at one point, me).

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