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Thread: Fish oil weight gain?

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    Fish oil weight gain?

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    Does anyone know why one might gain weight with fish oil? My mother and I both find this, I've tried this pre-primal and post primal, on both attempts my weight balloons really quickly and I have been unable to find out why this might be the case. Thank you all in advance.

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    How much fish oil are you consuming? I would think the weight gain is down to something else. What other changes did you make the same time you started using the fish oil?

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    I took a concentrated fish oil capsule once a day 1,000mg. I deliberately did not make any changes to my diet (particularly in my experiment post primal since I'd steadily been losing weight since going primal as I am still about 15kg away from what should be healthy weight for me. But both times that I took the fish oil, within a week I started gaining weight and feeling puffy.

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    Seafood allergy?

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    opposite effect

    fish oil tends to have the opposite effect for me... interesting. sounds like a potential allergy to me. might also check the inactive ingredients? i've seen some lower grade ones made with soybean oil mixed with fish oil, that's another potential allergen there.
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    Some people used to notice an effect like this when they started taking vitamins. The reason I heard at the time is it made them healthier and they better absorbed what food they were eating. Perhaps the fish oil enhances digestion - esp if it was impaired before and now you are absorbingmore caloriesfrom the food you are eating. Just a WAG though.

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    That's strange. Most people report that it helps them eliminate some stubborn fat if anything. I would suggest you try it just one more time and make SURE to keep everything else in your diet normal.

    Other possibilities. How much are you taking? It does have calories, so if you're taking huge amounts that could be it. Also, twa2w mentioned that it could have improved your digestion. I'm not sure, but I feel like I have read that fish oil is associated with a better insulin response; maybe your body is more efficiently processing carbs? PURE speculation.

    I would suggest doing a very controlled re-introduction of fish oil and see if it still happens. Also, go for high quality stuff; I like Nordic Naturals.

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    Definitely not seafood allergy, I have always been able to eat all types of seafood. I might have to try another brand, the one I had was supposedly good, but as ASmallOne noted perhaps it's something in the inactive ingredients. Thank you all!

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    the world
    Yeah omega 3s really suck.

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    Nope, not me. And I take 3,000 mg daily, to help counter my Raynauds.

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