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Thread: Having trouble with Primal Mayo - Please Help!

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    Having trouble with Primal Mayo - Please Help!

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm pretty new to the primal lifestyle, embarking on the 21 Day challenge soon and am trying my hand at some of the recipe's in Mark's cookbook. Last night I tried making the mayonnaise and it was WAY too runny! I followed the recipe exactly, and even tried trouble shooting it with other people's ideas I found when I "googled" my problem. None of them helped though, has anyone had this trouble and figured out a way to fix it? Thanks a bunch!

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    I've not made primal mayo, but in making mayo at home from other recipes (egg+olive oil+vinegar), I noticed that it does have a much thinner consistency than what we're used to in jars. It's more of a thicker sauce than a solidish spread. That seems to be the real texture of mayo, from what I understand. Is that your problem, or is it completely liquid like?
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    1) Use only the yolks, not the whites.

    2) Make sure your ingredients have fully reached room temperature.

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    This link explains how I make mayo (with light or EV olive oil). It comes out perfect every time if I take my time with the immersion blender. Takes me 4-5 minutes.

    Two-Minute Mayonnaise | Serious Eats : Recipes

    Edit: Great point, Diana. I messed up a batch because the eggs were still too cold.

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    Mark's recipe calls for WAY too much ACV, in my opinion. :P I thickened it up last time by adding another egg yolk. Next time I'm substituting ACV for lemon juice and using a lot less of it.

    Another tip is to strain the whey from some plain, unflavored yogurt, then add one tablespoon of the whey to your mayo. Let it sit at room temperature for about 8 hours to let the probiotics grow, then stick it on the top shelf in your fridge. It not only stays fresh longer (lacto-fermentation has a preservative effect), but the longer it sits in your fridge the more it firms up. It also tends to get tangier, if you like tangy mayo (which I do).

    Also, if you've never tried doing mayo in a mason jar with an immersion blender, you're missing out. SO FREAKING EASY. Put everything in the mason jar, and let the egg yolks settle to the bottom. Then use your immersion blender by blending the bottom first, then slowly moving towards the top of the jar. It's like, insta-mayo.
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    All kinds of fats to make Primal mayo with ... it's FUN and DELICIOUS!
    The Food Lab: Animal Fat Mayonnaise | Serious Eats
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