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Thread: My standing desk solution

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    My standing desk solution

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    I know there have been some other posts on using standing desks at work, but I wanted to post my DIY version. I work in a cubicle, and my office doesn't offer an option to raise/lower/change the existing desk there. When I started standing at work (more than a year ago now) I used a bunch of cardboard boxes to raise my monitors and keyboard/mouse. I was quickly sick of how that looked, so I went to Home Depot one weekend and came back on Monday with this:

    The total cost for the materials was about $60 (I already had the wood stain at home). I spent a total of maybe 2.5 hours on actually working on it, plus drying time for the stain. The result looks much better than my old box solution. Plus the shorter keyboard/mouse shelf fits underneath the taller monitor shelf, so I can increase my desktop space if needed.

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    Great idea - I may have to give it a go

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    This looks very similar to what I want to put together for my office. Can you give more details please?

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    I've got one of those as well. :-)

    I'm a writer and sometimes when I'm on a deadline (like now), I'm on my laptop for hours and hours at a time. A standing desk is a great solution. I alternate between it, my treadmill desk (pictured) and sitting on my arse. ;-)

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