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Thread: Carb Dreams

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    Carb Dreams

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    I thought it would be fun to share this. A few weeks ago I was having some pretty funny carb dreams. It had been about 2-3 weeks from starting down my path of paleo.

    The dream consisted primarily as me staring longingly at a basket full of french banquettes. I never reached for them or tried sneaking a bite, but they sure were temping.

    I have found now that I have gotten over my carb cravings and look back at the few dreams now and thought that it was pretty amusing.

    Has anyone else had any funny carb dreams?

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    Not so much lately, but yeah, during the first 2 weeks of my whole 30 (too much cheating during the holidays), I had a bunch of dreams about eating non-primal things! Even more than I would actually eat in real life, like a whole bunch of donuts... glad to know I'm not the only one You resisted actually eating in your dream though!

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    Mine's slightly different but still relevant

    I was in a caryard with my mum, who called to me to test drive a pink cadillac (note, cadillacs aren't a car sold in Australia, and it was small, like an MG, but this is a dream so....) It was a manual, which I haven't driven in years, so I called her over to come along with me (yes, we've been discussing primal and she's getting there. Slowly). She was talking to someone so I drove off by myself. I ended up along a very rough dirt track and there was a great big root hole (the soil had eroded away) that I had to drive around and this was quite difficult.

    This is interesting to me, apart from the fact that my mum was involved, for 2 reasons. CArs in dreams represent your body, and I'm a person not interested in being the centre of attention AT ALL. So I dream my body is a bright pink cadillac (it was old too, by the way, just like me ) Very nice cream interior, looked good for its age hmmm. I imagine driving this car down the street would get a few looks (again, I don't really wish to be looked at. Or do I??)

    The other is the fact that it was a manual (I'd bunnyhop the whole way if I tried to drive one IRL) and I had no issues not only driving it, but driving around obstacles you wouldn't really try IRL.

    So my dream was telling me not only can I do this, I will get there and I will look good

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