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Thread: I'm a Tall 52 Year Old Woman Trying Primal for a Month

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    Thursday of my 2nd full week of Primal:

    Coffee with almond milk
    cottage cheese with 1/2 c fresh fruit

    beef stew
    mixed green salad

    handful of almonds
    2 chunks of beef kabob
    a few chunks of chicken kabob
    green salad


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    Hi I am almost 51 and not quite as tall ( 5 ft 4 in) and hoping to lose 50 lbs. I have recently discovered this page and am starting my journey tomorrow. I am pretty nervous as I have tired other diets that accomplished little. I am encouraged to find other women around my age who are finding success. Thanks for inspiring me

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    Hey there, just wanted to reiterate what some others have mentioned... You will eliminate the need for snack by increasing your protein at breakfast (from meat, not nut, sources) and reducing sugar overall. Maybe try reserving your fruit for your after dinner treat with some heavy cream.
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    Friday and Saturday Food

    Hi Sandie and hi Nameless,

    Thanks for joining me on this blog. Seems I have a consistent bit of feedback from all who look here: cut out fruit due to the sugar content. I'm finding that so hard to do. I used to have quite a bit of ice cream and candy/cookie things before going primal. Fruit at first seemed less satisfying but more natural so I have turned to it. I think for me, cutting back on it will have to be gradual because the complete loss of all things grain has been a big stretch for me. It's all too much change all at once. I will work on cutting back more, gradually.

    So far, I've lost 3 pounds, lost 3 inches and most importantly, my middle section looks and feels less bloated. It's been 2 weeks on Primal.

    So yesterday was like this...

    Coffee and cream
    Hard boiled egg

    Baked chicken
    Salad with italian dressing

    Handful of almonds
    A tangelo

    A piece of cheese
    A beer

    carrots and asparagus
    1 1/2 beers

    A coconut milk popsicle

    Today I had

    Coffee and cream
    A fried egg with ham

    A cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce
    A diet coke

    A Cafe Mocha from Starbucks

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    Sunday (today)

    Coffee and cream
    1 Scotch egg

    Medium protein fruit smoothie with CLA

    1 piece of cheese
    2 beers

    half of a ribeye steak
    cooked spinach, carrots, broccoli and zucchini
    1/2 a tangelo, a handful of blackberries and two slices of mango

    Rode my bike for 20 minutes today

    It was a good day.

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