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Thread: Bulletproof IF Challenge

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    [QUOTE=dave155;690228]I drank a bottle of wine last night and woke up at 2am with a SCREAMING HEADACHE

    I took a couple tylenol and thankfully got back to sleep. Still feeling it a little this morning though. My tolerance for alcohol has gone down either because of the change to primal or the fasting.

    Dave155 - Use Aspirin instead of Tylenol which is toxic. I too became alcohol intolerant with paleo/primal and don't miss it a bit.

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    I've been doing this for 6 weeks without realizing it.
    I use heavy whipping cream x 3 cups coffee for breakfast (about 3 T. cream total).
    I don't eat until noon.
    Lost 13 lbs. eating PB otherwise. Something is working!
    And the "no hunger" is a wonderful thing!

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    I have been doing the IF with bulletproof coffee for a month, and it gets easier and easier the more I do it! I wrote a blog post about it here: My Experience with Bulletproof Coffee (Review) Bulletproof Coffee and Bullet Proof Diet Review

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