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Thread: For primals on a budget: what are your staple foods/meals page

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    For primals on a budget: what are your staple foods/meals

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    I eat a lot of meals centered around eggs and just wanna mix things up a little bit so I have more variety on a smaller budget. Any suggestions?

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    Ground meat is cheap, and very versatile. I eat a lot of carrots & cabbage. Both are fairly versatile also. Onions too. They're almost a requirement.

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    Eggs, with a side of eggs, on top of eggs with a side of lean ground beef (if not grass fed) cooked in coconut oil.
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    Organ meats - frozen lamb hearts (roasted or sliced and stir-fried with veg) every now and then. To me they taste as good as lamb itself and have some great nutrients lower in other muscle. Liver, especially beef, is nutritionally dense but not to my taste. Stews/broths with a stock from bones you've got left over.
    Get's me thinking, I had bone marrow with paprika on toast in Hungary as a teenager and it was beautiful.
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    Myth: Real food costs too much. This blog is great for showing you how to get real food on a budget.
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    Staple foods? I eat these pretty much every week:

    Steak (assorted cuts)
    Sweet potatoes (jewel, garnet, Okinawan, Japanese, etc.)
    Salmon (Wild, fresh/frozen/canned)
    Hot peppers (assorted)
    Extra virgin olive oil

    I would find life difficult without those foods. Anything else can be cycled.
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    Meat on the bone is usually very cheap and is healthier for you than straight muscle meat. Cuts here are likely different to where you are but recently I've been eating lamb shanks (with the bone cut to release the marrow), lamb rosettes (slices of the neck bone so plenty of connective tissue and spinal cord), osso bucco and chuck on the bone. Slow cooked in curries, tagines, casseroles etc they are all delicious
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    Whole chickens bought in bulk on sale....used to make the following:
    -whole roasted chickens (oven or grill)
    -cut up, seasoned and put on grill or roasted with veggies and sometimes sausage
    -Leftovers used for lunches or chicken salad
    -Use leftover bones for stock and use that in soups
    (soups and stocks use onions,carrots and celery all inexpensive items that can be bought in bulk)

    Chicken thighs and legs (bone and skin on), usually seasoned and grilled, or roasted with onions and peppers.

    Turkey legs brined in salt water and seasonings and then roasted (not a staple for us, but usually the legs are inexpensive)

    Pork roasts when on sale, usually cooked in crockpot

    Ground beef/sausage for meatballs, meatloaf, or lettuce burgers

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    Buy meat that is on-sale that week and eat seasonal vegetables and fruit.

    You're going to save money by not buying chips, bread, canned soup, cereals, frozen foods, etc.

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